Baranda is the northern most continent of the planet, and as such is subject to extremes of temperature. Summers are fairly temperate but during winter time the weather drops down to lethal temperatures if adventurers are caught outside unprepared.

Geographically the island slopes from rocky coasts in the south up to mountain peaks and a glacial summit at the far north. Main areas of the continent include:-

*Grondheim Coast. *Telaris Range. *Dakaris Range

Culturally most of the inhabitants of the continents are Dwarfs (who settled the are first, mainly for the copious mineral deposits in the mountains) and Humans, who were looking for a new colony away from interference of their King. There are also limited numbers of Halflings, Dragonborn and Elfs. although tend either to be traveling traders or Swords for Hire.


Saga of the North Arzanic