Warfell as a location was first settled approximately 150 years ago on the Grondheim Coast of Baranda as a port to allow the then small Dwarfen mining community located to the north at Khazgar Mine to export the ore to the rest of the region.

Over the ensuing years it grew as the mining operations grew and more people arrived by boat to support and take advantage of the miners new found wealth.

The town now boast approximately 900 permanent resident, which is prone to increase during the summer months as boatloads of hunters and trappers arrive to take advantage of the few months clement weather.

The town includes several temples and the usual selection of utilities store that you would expect to find in a frontier town, one of the cheapest ( and hence most popular) being Harvind’s Equipment Shop. Also the number of bars is rather high, due to the high number of Dwarf miners. One of the most popular being The Unicorn’s Horn Tavern.


Saga of the North Arzanic